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Are you thinking, where shall I sell motorbike in London? Well, We Buy Any Bike can offer an instant online motorcycle valuation within seconds. WeBuyAnyBike London!

London; where do we start with this wonderful city?! Situated on the River Thames down in the south-east of England, our capital city houses to an astonishing, 8.7 million people in Greater London alone.

Once upon a time in 1825, our fabulous capital was crowned the largest city in the world. However, the big apple that is New York soon overtook London back in 1925 with its grown population of 7.7million people. With London’s current figure taken into consideration, we don’t think our proud city is going to be taking back the crown any time soon. The city where dreams are made of now stands at over 20 million in population; in case you were wondering!

Being the world’s most popular tourist destination, London is a very culturally welcoming city, with over 300 languages spoken amongst the 8 million residents. London often hosts various events to celebrate different cities and countries all over the world. For example; Notting Hill Carnival, Chapeltown Carnival, and the Carnaval Del Pueblo.

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Motorcycle Spots in London

London is a very popular city that is home to a selection of hangout spots for different communities. Evidently, one of these is the motorbike community!  Here at WeBuyAnyBike London is of our most popular customer areas. With this in mind, here are a few of our favourite hangout spots...

ACE Cafe London

This spot is probably the most popular one of them all. The chain that is the ACE Cafe offers an excellent service for bikers from all walks of life. The company itself was established in 1938 when the original building was just a hut! Since then, the unfortunate events of World War II demolished the original building. Just over 10 years later in 1949, the building was reconstructed and the cafe was open for business. The ACE Cafe was open for a further 20 years before closing in 1969. Following the end of its trade, the company opened its doors once again in 1994 to host an annual reunion ride-out. 7 years followed and in 2001, the doors were permanently open for trade, and it has been going ever since! Since then, the ACE Cafe has spread its wings and opened a chain of cafes all over the world...

London Motorcycle Museum

Are you a biker visiting London? Why not make the most of your day out and visit the London Motorcycle Museum! Situated just 2 miles from the ACE Cafe at Ravenor Farm, Greenford, this exceptional museum features a large selection of bikes of all ages and eras. Including a variety from TV shows, films, as well as award-winning models.

The Bike Shed

Established in 2011, The Bike Shed is probably one you already know about! Not only does the shed offer a shop, but it is also a venue to hire out! So if you’re in need of a space in London to host a biker party; look no further! If you’re just there for the day, however, or even if you don’t want to hire out a venue, the guys at the bike shed have a cafe with lots of delicious treats for you to devour!

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We Buy Any Bike are the UK's top bike buyer and motorcycle trader, we make it easy to sell a motorbike quickly and for a great price.

We are currently looking for a handful of specific motorbikes from London! Let us know if own any of these manufacturers and we will be in touch with a price:

- Sell my Harley Davidson
- Sell my BMW
- Sell my Yamaha
- Sell my Suzuki
- Sell my Triumph
- Sell my Kawasaki
- Sell my Honda
- Sell my KTM
- Sell my Ducati

Do you own one of the above? If you are looking to sell your motorbike in London, We Buy Any Bike are searching for these bikes. We pay the most and collect the quickest.

Interesting We Buy Any Bike buying facts:

  • Essex – So far in 2016 9% of our bikes bought from Essex were BMW’s
  • Kent – In the last 4 months 35 bikes from Kent were, in fact, Honda’s!
  • Surrey – In the last 30 days we have bought 18 Triumphs from Surrey
  • Berkshire – Kawasaki’s seem to be popular in Berkshire! We bought 16 in the last 2 weeks
  • Buckinghamshire – 8 Harley Davidson’s in the last 10 days from Buckinghamshire
  • Hertfordshire – In the last 6 months we bought 31 Suzuki’s from Hertfordshire alone!

Where can I sell motorbike in London?!.. We are looking to buy all the motorbikes from London and the surrounding areas.

WeBuyAnyBike London!!

♣ We want Harley Davidson’s from London, We Buy Any Bike give cash in hand or instant transfer and pick up within 2 days!

 Triumphs in London wanted! We guarantee the best price available for your Triumph.

♣ We are Honda buyers – One of the most popular manufactures we buy up are Hondas, we love them! We want to buy all the Hondas from London and the surrounding areas.

♣ We are looking for Yamaha’s in London. All models are welcome; we are actively searching for Yamaha’s so get in touch if you are selling!

♣ If you are looking to sell your BMW in London, we want your motorbike!

♣ Are you selling your Suzuki in London? We will buy it! We are currently searching for motorcycles to buy in London, Suzuki’s are one of the top bikes we buy.

We want to buy motorcycles in London and the surrounding areas. We have a lot of vans ready to pick your motorcycle up when it suits you. We Buy Any Bike will pay the best possible price available for your motorbike, we will make the transaction quick and easy - we want your repeat business!

Value my motorbike? We will!

WeBuyAnyBike London! We are actively searching for the above makes and models. Please get in touch if you are selling these bikes, we are the biggest motorcycle buyers in the UK. We make it easy to sell a motorbike online. You can trust that our service is professional and organised, contact us on.

Phone - 01274 600 224
Email info@webuyanybike.com



10 Sept 2018

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