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WeWantMotorbikes! No matter what make, model, age, condition, or mileage of your motorbike – we want it! If you have recently thought about selling your bike... look no further than the nations leading bike buyer! Click here to get your FREE instant quote today!


Collectively we have bought a huge range of motorcycles over the years. Between the whole team, we’ve got over 100 years experience, making us the UK’s favourite bike trader! We absolutely love buying bikes, offering competitive rates on all models – so, if you believe you have something special tucked away in your garage, WeWantMotorbikes... contact our team today!

How to Get the Best Price for Your Bike

Go for a ride

This step is key, especially if you haven’t had the chance to ride your pride and joy for a while. Pick a quiet road with no distractions, a Sunday morning or evening would probably be best. This way, you’ll get the opportunity to listen out for anything that shouldn’t be there, as well as testing the limits of your bike, without the immediate risks of having any distractions on the road.


Whilst you’re there, it would be worth phoning a friend to simply sit at the side of the road to listen from a different perspective. I can’t tell you how you’ll persuade them, because that doesn’t sound very appealing to me neither – I guess you’ll have to find yourself a good friend!

Time for a rinse

Don’t worry, we’d never recommend that you completely drown your bike; we do like to recommend tactical showers though. I’ve just thought of that... what do you think? A Tactical Shower is simply making sure you don’t get too carried away. It’s a non-technical term for making sure you only apply minimal amounts of water to the panels of the bike. You can also get a leaf blower in there too. Anything that will give you a clear view of the antics that are about to happen in the garage!


What Happens Next

If you are a skilled mechanic... you don’t need to read this: get to it! If you aren’t, find yourself one. After this, you want to make sure that you treat your wheels to the best wash of its life. You can even put a little competition on with yourself and bet yourself that ‘no-one can do it better!’. Buy your prime washing, polishing, and waxing tools and make that beast shine!


Now there’s absolutely no doubt in the world that we buy bikes regardless of their condition, but our team are highly trained to know the worth of all motorcycles. So, they will probably quote you more if they believe that you’ve aimed to get the best out of your bike. Prepping and making it as good as new especially for us!

If you have a motorbike that you’d prefer to sell (let’s face it, no biker wants to sell) – WeWantMotorbikes! Don’t forget... We Buy Any Bike pay the most and collect the quickest!



1 May 2019

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