Which 125? – Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Suzuki?

So you’re a learner and don’t really want a scooter… Well, what about the Yamaha YZF-R125 then?

I will take you through the motorcycle to make your mind up which 125 you’d like to ride and buy…


Okay, you want to look cool and fast at your learning age. But we have to be sensible about it and this motorcycle will only produce a maximum speed of 75mph, but you’ll look cool riding the motorcycle nevertheless..!

The size of the motorcycle makes it look bigger than it actually is, also making it look somewhat more powerful! The Yamaha 125 wheelbase is only 25mm shorter than the R6. So as you can imagine it looks like a full motorbike with a small engine.

I believe the motorcycle to be fairly roomy once you’ve flung your leg over the thing!

So once you’re in the roomy seat you want to roar off.. but it doesn’t roar..! However for riding about town when you’re young, that’s all you need, right? You don’t need a superbike for the road!

What about a Honda then? The Honda CBR125?

Well, this motorcycle like the Yamaha looks cool when you’re a youngster… So that maybe one box ticked.

The maximum mph well you’re looking about 85 perhaps a bit more than the Yamaha but the Yamaha does look a bit better..!

But let’s be honest the motorcycle has sold by the shipload.. so if you’re a youngster looking for a cool motorcycle that perhaps all your friends will have too… this may be the one!

But the next in your list of choice would be the famous Aprilia. Aprilia RS4 125.

In 2011 the motorcycle was launched and what a good looking thing it is..!


I believe the suspension to be a tad on the soft side.. so if that is how you like your suspension this is the 125 for you! But as well as that the gear shifter is clunky too.

So you think what the speed on this one then? Well, a disappointing 65mph compared to the Honda’s 85mph and the Yamaha’s 75mph you may have to compromise there.

But overall the motorcycle will give you a smile I’m sure!

However, you may have to take them for a test ride if you’re looking seriously into buying one.. because you’d have to think what about a Suzuki?

The Suzuki GSXR125 is another beautiful looking machine.

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