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10 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Motorbike

Unfortunately, most motorbikes start to depreciate as soon as they are driven. Following these steps will help your motorbikes value and allow you to get the best possible price when you come to sell your motorbike.

Here are 10 ways to help increase the value of your motorbike:

1) Have a New MOT

When you come to sell your motorbike, having a longer MOT makes it more appealing to buyers. It shows that everything is in a safe working condition and that it’ll be a while before they must pay out for an MOT themselves.

2) Get It Serviced

As an owner, having your bike regular serviced by reputable dealers is vital. It will ensure that everything mechanical is running as it should and will prevent any long-term defects. We’d always recommended having a service before you come to sell as it’ll showcase to potential buyers that there is nothing wrong with the current condition of your bike. Being able to show a full-service history is also important so make sure you keep all your service receipts and paperwork in a safe place.

3) Replace the Battery

The battery life on your motorbike is crucial, as after all, who wants to be jump-starting roadside. Having a new battery before you come to sell your motorbike will take away any start-up problems and put the potential buyers mind at ease.

4) Replace the Mirrors

Any damage to your mirrors will give potential buyers an easy chance to knock money off. Make sure each mirror is in good condition and replace them if necessary.

5) Replace Lights

Faults to your head lights, taillights, brake lights or indicators are all going to affect your valuation when you come to sell your bike so make sure they are all in good working order. You don’t want to give your buyer an easy way to knock down the price!

6) Get New Brakes Fitted

Brake condition is obviously crucial to potential buyers, not only for safety reasons but also because they are costly to replace. Having new brakes fitted will offer peace of mind to your buyer and bump up your motorbike valuation!

7) Touch Up The Paintwork

Over time your bikes paintwork is likely to develop scratches, rust, or dents that potential buyers will use to haggle down the price. Having your bike re-sprayed or wrapped will give it a much better look and an instant boost in value.

8) Refurbish the Wheels

Just like the bodywork, any rust, corrosion, or scratches on your bike’s wheels will knock down its value. Having them refurbished and looking their best will make your bike more desirable and help you to get the best price possible.

9) Get New Tyres

Visibly worn or damaged tyres are easily noticeable to potential buyers and will give them a reason to ask for money off. Before you come to sell your motorbike it’s always worth investing in some new tyres. It gives your bike a better look and shows buyers that they won’t need to buy some for a while yet.

10) Make Sure It Shines

Okay, so this won’t increase the value, but giving your motorbike a good clean and presenting it as well as you can, will help get the sale completed and money in your pocket!

Whatever way you choose to sell your motorbike, all these points are worth considering and will impact the price you get for it. It’s worth remembering that choosing to sell your motorbike privately can often be more hassle than it’s worth, especially if it needs a lot of the modifications we’ve listed above. You can save your time, money, and effort by selling your motorbike to WeBuyAnyBike.com We can give you a great price for your motorbike and will collect it for FREE! You can even choose our Premier Payment option to get your money instantly. Enter your reg number now to get started!


Rachel Mackie

7 Sept 2023

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