10 Mindblowing Facts About Harley-Davidson

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Here at We Buy Any Bike, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles are pretty much up there in stealing the limelight when it comes to the bikes we buy. We absolutely love these Milwaukee treasures! Last year, our team bought just short of 1000 Harley-Davidsons! To celebrate that figure, here are some fun facts about the mighty history on the hogs.

The first ever Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Club

This was formed over in Prague, Czech Republic in 1928. This very club is still going strong today – in 9 years it will celebrate its centurial anniversary! We were surprised after reading this one – we thought it would at least be in the states! We’ve recently featured some Harley clubs in the UK, so there’s no need to feel left out – Check it out here.

The Famous HOG!

You might recognise that the term HOG comes from the Harley Racing Team mascot – a pig. However, did you know that this mascot was actually a real life breathing, walking, and fully fledged oinking real baby piglet?! Well, now you do. It was a part of the family too; owned by team member, Ray Weissher!

The Story About The Tomato Can…

We know that Harley-Davidson are pretty good at making bikes. They’ve mastered them, in fact. Apparently, the Harley-Davidson brothers first experimented with the carburettors using none other than a tomato can. Yes, you read that right! A simple everyday object that is used to store tinned tomatoes. I think I might now pop round to the garage next door and tell our mechanics to start a little project – see what happens!


Harley-Davidson has always been renowned for aiming to impress the youngsters – looking to the future is what makes them happy. In 2014 they told us about project LiveWire – a development plan for a range of electric motorcycles. The year is 2019 and so far we have a prototype – but the whole range is supposed to be released this year (or 2021) – we’ll keep you updated!

Janet Davidson

A name that is often uncalled for when people talk about the mighty Harley-Davidson. This lady was a big name behind the brand. Not only was she known to be the first female to sit on a Harley (a big thing back in those days), but she was also responsible for painting the first Harley-Davidson name onto a bike in pin-striped, red and white writing.

Harley-Davidson University

How many big brands do you see around the world who create their very own university? Not many, is the answer to that. Harley-Davidson, on the other hand, are so great, they have their own university range scattered around the globe! Here are the locations:

  • Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK
  • Gurugram, India
  • Milwaukee (of course)
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Barcelona, Spain
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The Controversial Green Bikes

In World War 1, Harley-Davidson donated 15,000 motorcycles to the military. These bikes were green, for camouflage purposes, we believe. Some people today point blank refuse to purchase any green Harley-Davidson – their reasoning? They think it is simply a refurbished bike from the war, and that it is cursed and will fall apart on them.

HOGS for the Hogs?!

Not only is it good enough for the military, but it is and has been since before, loved by the police force in America. Just 3 years following the mass production of the motorcycle range in 1905, cops in the US, or hogs (they call them that over there right?! – sounds like a fitting name) have loved Harley-Davidson motorcycles for over 100 years now… and they still use them!

Ring for the ride!

It is good luck to install a traditional Harley-Davidson bell beneath your bike. Commonly known as Guardian Bells – that’s exactly what they are… Guardian Angels for your bike! Fancy treating your pride and joy to one? Fat Skeleton have some great ones in stock!

I mean, you’d have to have very good ears to be able to hear it ringing, and I think bikers out of all people are exempt from this – sorry guys.

Who Gives The Most For Harley-Davidsons!

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