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Meet The Harley-Davidson's of Hollywood

Here at We Buy Any Bike, we’re no stranger to blogging about the Bikes of Hollywood. In recent times, we’ve featured motorcycles in movies, as well as celebrity bikers and what they ride. However, we’ve never really looked into specific makes and their celebrity owners, or in other words – the Harley-Davidsons of Hollywood, so that’s exactly what we’re going to be looking at today!

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Celebrities and their Harley-Davidsons

To be honest, it’s quite difficult to tell who out of these following celebrities own a Harley today. We all know that they have enough money to simply swap their wheels every two seconds!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Good old Arnie is known worldwide for being a biker. Following the second Judgement Day, he fell in love with Harleys in particular, and he even ended up keeping his on-screen ride! He was renowned for riding that bike; a 1990’s Fat Boy FLSTF for years. But in 2017, he actually auctioned it off for over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! – That reads better in slow motion. Following his heart surgery last year, we’ve made an assumption that Arnie didn’t end up getting another motorcycle – instead he has opted to work on his heart and choose to write a bicycle instead!

Keanu Reeves

This talented actor has been known for owning various motorcycles for years. In 2011 he teamed up with fellow motorcycle enthusiast and friend Gard Hollinger to start a new project – Arch Motorcycles – which is still going strong today! Keanu’s collection seems to be on the hush-hush these days, but that comes as no surprise to us.

George Clooney

The ‘Hollywood heartthrob’ was once upon a time, another dedicated biker – he seemed to travel everywhere on one of his bikes – also a renowned Harley owner.


Sadly, his wife Alma made Clooney part ways with his beloved FLHTK following the accident on his Triumph last summer. The Harley made him $25k. We thought this was a big price but then we found Arnie’s auction price, so we simmered down.

Gerard Butler


We don’t really hear anything from Mr Butler these days. In 2011, Harley-Davidsons Facebook Page shared a post, featuring an article where Gerard took fellow actor Jessica Biel for a ride. We have to say that whoever wrote it wasn’t very nice – and neither were the commenter’s... Poor Gerard, it’s a good job he’s probably got too much time on his hands to read it. Butler’s next check in on his Harley was in 2017, there aren’t any posts online that would suggest his bike was up for auction, so he might still own it!

Here are some other celebs who own or have owned Harley-Davidson's:
  • Cher
  • Jay Leno
  • Chris Pine
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Jim Carrey has a Road King Classic
  • P!nk – Sportster XL Iron 883N
  • Musician Kid Rock had a partnership with Harley-Davidson
  • Charlie Hunnam and his Dyna Super Glide
  • Alike Arnie, musician Adam Levine also has a FLSTF Fat Boy.
I swear I've seen that before!

There are a lot of Harley-Davidson motorcycles featured on the big screen. Here's a little watch list of bikes in movies - time to grab your popcorn and play 'i Spy'.


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