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10 Tips To Make Your Motorcycle More Comfortable

There are many things you can do to make your motorcycle fit you better, and accessories you can add to make riding more convenient.

Making your motorcycle more comfortable can improve your riding experience massively so bike trader, We Buy Any Bike has come up with the below Top 10 Tips:

1. Heated Gloves

Sometimes heated grips just aren’t enough! If you have to commute to work like me, in the thick of winter, you might notice the tops of your hands getting frozen! If you want all-round warm hands gloves are the only way.  As with most things, there are a range of different qualities and prices to match. One of the best websites for checking out the options is Get Geared, they give you all the information on the products as well as recommending particular gloves, offer prices, pointing out warranty time and so on.

2. Adjustable Levers

I fitted adjustable levers last week and it has made riding my bike so much smoother. I didn’t realise my hands were so stretched with the factory levers and they were getting tired quite quickly. Someone suggested fitting some levers and putting them on the smallest setting, which has done the trick!

So long or short levers? For those that use a couple of fingers on the clutch and or brake, you may find the shorter levers more comfortable. Particularly if you wear bulky gloves as they can get trapped between the lever and the throttle grip, but with the shorter levers you don’t have to worry about that.  It’s all about personal preference and riding style so consider both before making a decision.

Suggested Levers:

Chinese copies.. if you look for adjustable levers on eBay a huge amount of options will flood in! I always feel slightly nervous about ordering from so far away, but to be honest the feedback will point you in the right direction. If you come across some nice looking levers on there, at a good price and the feedback is positive I would say it’s worth a try.

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3. Heated Grips

For me, heated grips are essential. The one thing that can make riding less enjoyable is being cold, the first thing to go is always my hands. It’s not just a comfort thing either, your hands play quite a big part when riding! If they get cold, reactions can get slower which is dangerous.

Fitting heated grips is an easy install, it can take about 15 minutes, all you need is:

  •  Sharp knife
  •  Contact cleaner
  •  Glue
  •  Combination of spanners/Allen keys
  •  Phillips/Screwdrivers

A few well-known brands for heated grips are listed here, I'd suggest reading up on pros and cons of each of these manufacturers before deciding which to go with:

4. Windshield

For riders that do some serious miles, a windshield is a good purchase. They aren’t the nicest looking things and if you have a lovely cruiser or sports bike it will in my option ruin the lines. Saying that, if you are travelling long distance on your bike looking cool will be the last thing on your mind as the wind, rain and bugs fly into your face!

So that is the main point, travelling a long distance and touring is where these things really come into their own. If you have motorway miles ahead of you, with Italy or Spain as the destination, this will make the journey much less tiring. You won’t be fighting the elements as much, like pelting rain and wind chill! Windshields allow you to sit in a little bubble of protection, which is nice you know when you have hours of riding ahead of you.

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5. Cruise Control Gadget

This is an invaluable gadget if your bike doesn’t have cruise control and you need to get through a lot of miles.  You set this over the throttle grip and it’ll save you from some serious wrist ache if you are planning on going touring. They can be bought from all over the internet, obviously when the quality increases so do the price. If you look on Google there are a lot of different options at different price ranges, starting at £5!

6. Seat Pads

There are quite a few options when improving the comfort of your seat, some people go as far as to replace the whole thing. Luckily there are cheaper ways to make riding comfier on the butt!

Airhawk – This is probably one of the most well-known brands when it comes to inflatable seat cushions. The technology was actually created for people in wheelchairs, who spend up to 12 hours a day sat down. The cushion equalises the forces over the weight-bearing areas, meaning you can happier sit for a lot longer.

Butt BuffersThere are quite a few manufacturers that use a gel-like shock absorbing method. Butt Buffers use a visco-elastic polymer cushioning, which was originally developed in hospitals to help prevent bed sores.  As with the Airhawk, this product removes pressure points that develop when sitting for a long time.

Sheepskin – Many bikers still love the old favourites, such as sheepskin. I have heard amazing things about these seat covers, they aren’t expensive, wear really well and give an extremely comfortable surface. There are quite a few companies selling motorcycle sheepskin seat covers, such as  SheepSkinShop.

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7. Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is pretty important and nothing is worse than getting going on the road than realising how thirsty you are! Knowing you have to stop, take off your gloves, helmet, go into the shop and stand there drinking.. seems like quite a lot of effort. Hydration packs are the way. Many people interested in enduro, rallies and touring swear by them.

When I first thought about getting a hydration pack, I didn’t like the idea of having anything on my back when riding. Surprisingly when I got a Camelback I didn’t even feel it, and even if I could the benefits of not having to stop for a drink are too amazing not to go for it. It’s not only about the convenience, having a good supply of water on board is key for safety, especially when riding in hot climates.

Camelback is the most well known of the hydration packs as they have been going for several years, but there is a load of different manufacturers.
Here are a few:

8. Tank Bag

Tank Bags come in many shapes and sizes, I would say they come into their own when you are touring. When going through tolls and border crossing they provide the perfect little storage place, very convenient when you need to reach items fast! Things to consider when looking for a tank bag:

  • Your motorcycle’s tank design, what bag suits your bike?
  • How much does it need to store, what size is needed?
  • What is the bag for, is it for daily use or just touring?
  • Will you be removing the bag regularly, or is it quite permanent?
  • Do you have a GPS, or are you a map kind of person?

There are three main motorcycle tank bag attachments to pick between - Strap-Mount System, Magnetic Bag System and Ring-Lock/Quick Lock System.

Its all down to what fits your motorcycle and your personal preference, but when you make your decision the mains points to remember are that the bag doesn’t interfere with your motorcycle's controls and it is extremely convenient - it’s all about making your life easier!

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9. Motorcycle Blind Spot Mirrors

There are some really mixed reviews on Blind Spot Mirrors. They didn’t actually work out that great for me personally. I found my mirrors were too small so I just didn’t have space for them.

I thought they were well worth a mention because I know so many people who praise them. They give an adjustable view, meaning you are able to see what is around you at a glance.  Again it's purely down to personal preference. If you think you might want to give them a go I would say go for it. Especially because of the price, you can buy a pair for around £3!

10. Communications

If you always ride on your own this won’t really apply as much. If you ride with your partner or friends it might be something you’ll be interested in! This is something that still amazes me, that I can be riding along talking to my partner on the bike next to me. It is great to be able to chat with someone, especially on really long journeys. Whether they are sitting behind you as a pillion or riding with you.

Of course, the thing with this is, you have to feel safe talking to someone while riding along. Some people learning to ride or who have just passed their test actually find it is quite reassuring. To be able to talk to someone – ask questions, check lane positioning etc. So it depends on what makes you feel more comfortable.

You can get systems ranging from reasonably priced to extortionate! I looked on Get Geared for my device, some of the most well-known communication are:

If you fit some of these items to your motorcycle, it can improve the value when it comes to selling it. We have recently done a blog giving some tips on selling bikes if you would like to have a read!

Do you want to sell your motorcycle? If so, We Buy Any Bike can help, we are very well known and trusted bike buyers. We Buy Any Bike buy bikes from all over the UK, picking up your vehicle within two days.

Value your motorbike? We can give you an instant online valuation, if you are happy with the quote we will give you cash in hand, bank transfer or cheque – whichever you prefer!

If you are selling, we want your Motorcycle!

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7 Dec 2017

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