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15 Underrated Countries for Motorcycling

The recent March heatwave got us inspired to go motorcycling in different countries. However, we’d love to visit some hidden gems this year. A lot of people tend to take their motorcycles to the more popular countries. But, where are the most underrated countries to take your motorcycle? Read on to find out more…

Please remember to check the countries regulations before bringing your motorcycle. Each country will have different rules that should be clearly specified on their government’s website.


The beautiful scenery in Nepal!


Nepal is quite a distance away from the UK. If you aren’t planning on taking your bike quite that far, it is a very affordable country to rent motorcycles in. Nepal is most notable for the beautiful Himalayan mountains. It’s also worth noting that the maximum engine size allowed in the country is 650cc.


Bhutan is a little country often visited from Nepal. It is respectably known as a kingdom and is largely occupied by Buddhists and even has its very own king! Bhutan itself is a stunning country with some beautiful buildings.

If you are looking for some motorcycling tips for your trip to Chile, check out this guide.


When people travel to Chile, it is common practice for them to take their motorcycle to the desert. One popular desert is the Atacama Desert. We recommend checking out Motofarana’s docuseries on YouTube.


The island of Greece is a beautiful country filled with some exceptional scenery. It is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. However, one little place that is often undiscovered by motorcycle is the island of Crete!

After doing some research, it seems there was a temporary ban on bikes on the island back in 2018. However, it seems the ban has now been lifted, and tourists are free to roam the land as they please! There are some great back roads in Crete.

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A Sea-front road in Tasmania


This little island has a lot to offer. When you motorcycling outside of the main cities, roads are pretty sparse. This leaves you pretty much alone on the open road. Travelling through the wilderness in Tasmania provides you with a wholesome experience like no other. One of our favourite websites, Best Biking Roads, has a section for recommended Tasmanian Roads.


Another South American country that you have to visit in your lifetime is Bolivia. Like many countries, Bolivia has some dangerous roads that are only to be tackled by the most experienced of riders. One is even nicknamed ‘The Death Road’!


We could write a whole post about motorcycling in Canada. Hey, we might even do that one day! We want to preface this by saying that the Canadian government has scheduled a ban on gas-powered motorcycles by 2030. By that time, we suspect that many will have converted to electric vehicles. Nevertheless, there’s still just short of 8 years to go. Get your engines started and head over to Canada!


Cuba isn’t often visited by motorcyclists, we don’t really know why. For tourists, it is a very affordable place to visit, especially in the rural areas. The roads are of mixed conditions. So it’s best to do a bit of an itinerary plan before you set off!


When planned carefully, Morocco can be a fantastic place for a motorbike trip. This beautiful country has some exceptional sights and delicious foods to offer. There are some zones that offer unique camping experiences in the heart of what nature has to offer.


Sweden is famous for its Gravel Roads and endless acres of forest. This means you’re likely to encounter wildlife whilst on your trip. A YouTube channel called Nomad Sweden has an excellent video guide on how to motorcycle around Sweden.

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Sweden’s neighbour, Norway is also another underrated country that isn’t often explored by touring motorcyclists. Sweden and Norway are the more popular ones on this list. However, they are still quite low on the motorcycle tourism spectrum. When riders visit Sweden, they’re likely to hit Norway too, and visa versa… you might as well hit two birds with one stone!

A very popular road that you must visit when taking a trip to Norway is the Trollstigen Pass.


This beautiful medieval country has developed its strength by its people since the 90’s. Bosnians have held onto their heritage and integrated this into redeveloping their economy, making tourism here an absolute must. There are many historic sights in Bosnia & Herzegovina that showcase how far the country has come. From the ancient settlements, right up to its present day.

Bosnia & Herzegovina in the Balkans must be visited by motorcyclists!


Ok, so we wouldn’t really class this as ‘underrated’. Switzerland isn’t a country that we have featured before, so now it’s time to shine! The mountains of Switzerland are absolutely breathtaking in every way. The roads, scenery and fresh air of the alpines. This alone will leave you wanting to come back for a second trip. Switzerland is an extremely fun country to ride in. Being home to so many mountains gives you exclusive access to various passes when visiting here.

Pssst... our main picture on this blog post is in Switzerland!

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According to New Zealand's Motorbike Tours, the pesky little Kea Parrot will eat your seat if you're not careful! Make sure to bring something that will cover it.


The mix of mountains, forestry and beautiful lakes and beaches make New Zealand a haven. It is a truly unique travel experience. The roads of these two islands must be discovered! New Zealand is an experience for careful riders who's aim is to only experience the country by its true beauty. This country has Hidden speed cameras located in bushes. They won’t be highlighted yellow, like they are in the UK. New Zealand takes the safety of its road users and pedestrians very seriously.


Also located in the Balkans is Montenegro. This stunning country isn’t vastly visited by tourists, leaving the roads fairly quiet and still. The economy and culture in Montenegro is very pure. You will often find that the people are very proud of their country. The main roads are found to be in good condition. Mountainous regional roads being fairly good too, but quite narrow.

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5 Apr 2022

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