Stolen Motorcycles – Stolen Motorcycles

For a good while now I’ve had my personal Twitter feed drenched in tweets about stolen motorcycles or motorcycle equipment. What is going on? What can we do to stop these motorcycles being stolen? Why are they being stolen? Firstly Why are they being stolen? I couldn’t tell you for certain but quite clearly we … Continue reading “Stolen Motorcycles – Stolen Motorcycles”

Melanie Sykes, what does she know about MotoGP? – BSA Bikes and Motorbikes

So just a few weeks ago, Melanie Sykes was announced as the new anchor for BTSport’s MotoGP coverage. But what caused chaos among fans was that nobody knows what she knows about the sport.. How do you present a sport to fans (that know about the sport) that you know nothing about? Ok, so we … Continue reading “Melanie Sykes, what does she know about MotoGP? – BSA Bikes and Motorbikes”

Fun In The Off-Season! – Carl Fogarty and James Whitham

Recently, the legends Carl Fogarty and James Whitham came to town and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to see them on stage in the flesh. It doesn’t happen very often, does it? I personally don’t remember the Carl Fogarty and James Whitham on track racing days, however, I know the pair are great (or … Continue reading “Fun In The Off-Season! – Carl Fogarty and James Whitham”

Sponsorship Guide – Racing Motorbikes

So again, it’s that time of the year where we are all looking for support and sponsorship to take us into another season of racing. But, there are clearly mistakes we are making, if not we’d be getting sponsors, right? For the teams it’s time to have a rest, while the mechanics are set to … Continue reading “Sponsorship Guide – Racing Motorbikes”

Motorbikes at the NEC – Handy Guide

If you’re heading to the NEC for your fix of motorcycles this weekend or even during the week.. Then read on I’ve got a handy guide for you before you set off for your journey to Birmingham. Although, if you’re not going (like me!) then you’re not alone.. You can still read all about what … Continue reading “Motorbikes at the NEC – Handy Guide”

The Ones To Watch? – Which riders to look out for next season

Joe Francis Recently, a leading news website produced their “ones to watch”, but while reading some of the riders which were written down and spoken to, I thought there were riders more worthy of watching out for. As well as where those riders have come from. My riders to watch out for in the coming … Continue reading “The Ones To Watch? – Which riders to look out for next season”

The Showdown – British Superbike Championship

The British Superbike championship has just reached it’s climax and the season is now over. And, how fast has it gone! Extremely quickly! It doesn’t seem like five moments ago I was at a snowy Snetterton for the pre-season testing but now the season is behind us and we have our newly crowned champion! The … Continue reading “The Showdown – British Superbike Championship”

Which 125? – Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Suzuki?

So you’re a learner and don’t really want a scooter… Well, what about the Yamaha YZF-R125 then? I will take you through the motorcycle to make your mind up which 125 you’d like to ride and buy…   Okay, you want to look cool and fast at your learning age. But we have to be … Continue reading “Which 125? – Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Suzuki?”

Why choose We Buy Any Bike? – Sell your bike online

If you’ve stumbled across we buy any bike website and thought hmm, should I go ahead with selling my bike with an online company or should I just sell it privately myself? Well, read on and you’ll find a few reasons that selling with we buy any bike is a great idea and you should … Continue reading “Why choose We Buy Any Bike? – Sell your bike online”

Where are the motorcycle films? – We want motorbike movies!

Just last week the movies ‘Rush’ took to the big screens at the cinema. The movie about Niki Lauda and James Hunt went down a storm with motorsport fans and many of them describing it as “Brilliant”, “Incredible” and “Fantastic!”, etc.   I’ve as yet not seen the movie. So I couldn’t comment on what … Continue reading “Where are the motorcycle films? – We want motorbike movies!”