Malcolm Uphill and Triumph Motorbikes – More Motorbike Stories

Malcolm Uphill: Birth and School Days Malcolm was born in 1935 and lived in Trecenydd near Caerphilly in South Wales. He was educated at the Twyn School in Caerphilly and then at the local secondary modern school. A 1950 498cc Ariel   Early Working Life After leaving school, Malcolm was given an apprenticeship at the … Continue reading “Malcolm Uphill and Triumph Motorbikes – More Motorbike Stories”

Hairy Hands Mystery – Matchless and Martinsyde Bikes

Martinsyde 1921 680 CC V-twin bikes with sidecar. Was Dr Helby riding one of these bikes when the fatal crash occurred? Dr E.J.Helby was the Medical Officer at Dartmoor Prison in June 1921. He was an experienced motorcyclist and was riding his combination in the Postbridge and Two Bridges area along the B3212, with two … Continue reading “Hairy Hands Mystery – Matchless and Martinsyde Bikes”

Our Top 8 Motorbike Films – Our Favourite Motorbike Films

We had a discussion around the office to see what our favourite bike-related films were, here’s the list we came up with. What do you think? 1. The Worlds Fastest Indian – 2005 A feelgood film for bikers everywhere. Based on the true story of New Zealander Burt Munro who never lets go of his … Continue reading “Our Top 8 Motorbike Films – Our Favourite Motorbike Films”

Survival Of The Fittest – Ambassador & Panther

Ambassador Super/S 250cc 1959 model If Darwin had studied machinery as well as living organisms, his theory of evolution could well have shown how the survival of the fittest applied to motorbikes as well as to plants and animals. The travel environment changes over time and transport changes with it. A fascinating day spent in … Continue reading “Survival Of The Fittest – Ambassador & Panther”

What Owning a Motorbike Has Taught Me – Motorbike Lessons

I’ve been owning and riding a motorbike for the past twenty-one years. I ride my motorbike everywhere I go. I’ve toured Europe and the U.S. on it. I met my current husband because we parked our motorcycles next to each other outside a coffee shop one evening and got to talking about both of our Ducati models. … Continue reading “What Owning a Motorbike Has Taught Me – Motorbike Lessons”

Francis-Barnett & German Express – Norfolk Motorcycle Museum

We went over from Cardiff to North Walsham. Especially to visit the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum. This turned out to be well worth the trip of nearly 300 miles. The Norfolk Motorcycle Museum is situated next to North Walsham Railway Station and is home for over 100 fascinating historic bikes. We came down the A149 Yarmouth … Continue reading “Francis-Barnett & German Express – Norfolk Motorcycle Museum”

London Line-Up – BMW, Suzuki, Honda

I’m one of a team of presenters for the BBC Radio 4 Extra showcalled “The Seventh Dimension” which means working in their PortlandPlace studio in London when it’s my turn on the rota. The last time I wasthere I spotted a row of really interesting parked bikes, and I just hadto stop to admire them … Continue reading “London Line-Up – BMW, Suzuki, Honda”

BSA and Brough – BSA Bikes and Motorbikes

Looking through a box of family souvenirs and very old sepia photographs, my wife, Patricia, came across a really ancient picture in a wooden frame that we hadn’t studied in any depth before. It was one that my late mother had cherished and saved over the years, and which had finally come down to us. … Continue reading “BSA and Brough – BSA Bikes and Motorbikes”

Top Tips when Buying a Harley – Buying A Legend

There’s a very interesting and worthwhile bikers’ group called The Davidson Legacy who have bought and refurbished the tiny stone cottage on Brechin in Scotland and turned it into a memorial site, which all Harley riders will enjoy visiting. It was the original home of Arthur Davidson, the Scottish-American co-founder of Harley-Davidson. Arthur was born … Continue reading “Top Tips when Buying a Harley – Buying A Legend”

The Caerphilly Castle Mysteries – My Harley Road King Classic

Caerphilly near Cardiff in South Wales has one of the most spectacular ancient castles that we used in the TV series on “Castles of Horror”, which I presented for the Discovery Channel. Road King Classic I rode to Caerphilly to make the programme on a Harley Road King Classic: a truly great machine, one of … Continue reading “The Caerphilly Castle Mysteries – My Harley Road King Classic”