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Sell My Bike In Norwich

If you’re a motorcyclist from Norwich looking to sell your bike, look no further! Your city is one of our most popular places to collect from. We bet one of our vans has been either around the corner from you or on your street in all the time that we have been in business. If you’re a biker, you’ll probably know someone who has used We Buy Any Bike before – ask around!


This is a city famous for canaries (yes, the birds), and Salt-Mining (where it got its name, ‘wich’). Whether you’re looking for the arts area in Norwich Lanes, or the historic areas the rest of the city has to offer, Norwich has it all.

Boasting a population of over 898k people, the medieval town of Norwich is a great place to be a biker. It has one of the lowest vehicle crime rates in the UK – 14th from the bottom (out of 107). The figures have dropped 3.5% from May 2018 – April 2019.

A Biker’s Guide to Norwich

Since we do buy so many bikes in Norwich, it must mean that there’s a lot of bikes on the road over there, so here is a compilation of our recommendations!


The Grange Hotel

Lane, Herbie, and Kaeti welcome you to the Grange Hotel. Situated in Ormesby, Great Yarmouth, not only is this friendly place a hotel, but it is a freehouse too! If you’re lucky enough to visit on a Thursday, you will be greeted by many bikes, as this is their ‘Full Throttle Thursday’ A.K.A. bike night! They often have live bands on every week too. If you scroll down on their Facebook Page, you can see examples of their busy bike nights! As for accommodation, at this 3-star hotel, you get the choice of staying in one of 11 cosy bedrooms. Since the owners are bike-friendly, you won’t have any trouble in parking your bike here.

Braydeston House

Situated in Brundall, Ann runs the lovely Braydeston House, which is a beautiful quiet guesthouse just east of central Norwich. Based above an RSPV nature reserve, it is well worth getting up bring and early on a nice sunny day to have a good stroll around the forest before you hit the road again.

Copperfields Guest House

This quaint guest house is based just north of central Norwich. Here you will be welcomed by Pam, Roger, and their dog, Pumpkin. Each of their rooms are delicately designed with pastel themes, taking inspiration from 4 famous people from Norwich:

  • Cavell – In memory of Norwich heroine, Edith Cavell, this room is traditionally designed with hints of yellow and blue.
  • Colman – In this room that is named after the man behind Colman’s Mustard, you will find that the colour scheme is yellow and pink.
  • Julian – Dedicated to the first lady to write a book in English, this room is beautifully decorated in a lavender and grey theme.
  • Sewell – Decorated in Ivory and Blue, this room commemorates the life of Anna Sewell, who was the Author of the famous children’s book, Black Beauty.
Foxwood B&B

Located just north-east of central Norwich in Sprowston, the Foxwood B&B have a selection of 3 rooms to offer; a large family room, a double room and a single room. Each room is decorated in a bright refreshing white theme, complete with bathroom facilities accompanied to each room. The large family room has an en-suite.

Andrew and Dianne are the owners of this B&B with 12+ years experience in the hospitality industry. Their B&B offers excellent spacious parking facilities out front, and you can even have a BBQ in the summer!

Pubs & Hangouts:

Route 11 Kitchen

Situated on the A11 road in Attleborough, the Route 11 cafe offers some excellent dishes to satisfy your pallet, with ingredients only sourced locally. This Biker-friendly cafe opens late on a Sunday for their weekly bike night! Alternatively, if you can’t make their bike night, they also host live music events on the first Friday of every month! If you can’t make either, head on over there anyway and let us know what the cakes are like because they look delicious!

Biddy's Tea Rooms - Norwich
The Goat Inn Skeyton

This 16th Century Thatched Coaching Inn with all the original interiors is a charming little piece of Skeyton history, and a very interesting place to visit. Just 10 miles from the city of Norwich, The Goat Inn is an easy place to get to, and it’s perfect if you’re heading on route that way! Each week they host ‘All Wheel Wednesday’ where lots of people can come and show off their wheels to all the local petrol heads! Also, if you’re struggling for somewhere to stay and if you prefer camping when you’re out and about with your bike – you can do just that at The Goat Inn!

The Kingfisher Cafe

This cafe is popular for bikers who enjoy riding out to the coast of Walcott. Their special dishes are fish and chips, along with their delicious range of burgers. They also have lots of other lovely dishes on offer too! The guys at the Kingfisher also specialise as an Ice Cream parlour – perfect for a sunny day.

Places to Ride

Cadders Hill Motocross Circuit

Situated in the little village of Lyng just 13 miles north-west of central Norwich. Cadders Hill Motocross Circuit is a private track managed and organized by the Norwich Vikings. At Cadders Hill, you may be likely to see some famous Motocross stars using this as their practice route as it is so much fun! This track is loved by many and lots of people visit from far and wide just to attend!

Snetterton Circuit

Since 1953, the Circuit at Snetterton has been a popular place by all Motor enthusiasts. Whilst you’re on your way to this circuit, you might as well stop off at Route 11 too – it’s on the same road! I mean, it is a good 9 miles down the road, but it’s still worth it – you might as well hit 2 birds with 1 stone right? Alike many circuits, this place was originally an RAF Circuit. However, since then it has been the most famous one in the UK for being the host of the British Superbike Championships. Some of the most famous people to hold records here are Shane Byrne, and Josh Brookes.

Suggested Motorcycle Routes in Norwich

#1: Kings Lynn - Norwich


#2: Salhouse Loop



Motorcycle Repairs and Parts:

Sometimes when we’re out on the road, we can have some mishaps on route. If you have somehow stumbled upon this post because your bike is broken, you’ve come to the right place!...

Did you know?!

That the famous motorcycle racer Phil Armes is Norwich born and bred? The racer beat some of the biggest names in motorcycling, he earnt Manx and Macau Grand Prix titles, Formula One rides and Isle of Man TT lap records ahead of legends like Joey Dunlop and Carl Fogarty.

Armes almost died in a motorcycle crash at Ulster, Deers Leap when he broke his back. Phil remarkably survived the accident but lost the use of his legs, but this wasn’t going to stop him riding. In 2013 Armes was invited to be one of the 65 former Manx Grand Prix champions to ride a special lap of honour, for this he rode a specially-adapted 650cc Suzuki bike. It’s been said Armes was born to ride, as soon as he was old enough he managed to get into the paddocks with some personal heroes:

“When I grew up Barry Sheene was the man, Giacomo Agostini, I grew up in the paddock with them,” Armes reminisced. “I was steeped in it. I already knew how to go racing. It was a natural avenue to get the speed out of my system. I was only going to do it for a season or two. But unfortunately, I was competitive..”

Barry Sheene and Armes were great friends and shared their love of Norfolk, so much so Barry actually bought a house and moved there for a while.

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Sell My Bike in Norwich

If you are a biker in Norwich looking to sell your motorbike... look no further! Here at We Buy Any Bike, Norwich is a very popular place that is often on our maps for collection. According to our statistics, it is one of the most popular places where people are looking to sell their bikes!

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