Which Ducati Scrambler – Buying A New Motorbike

Ducati Scrambler Icon There has been an awful lot of hype lately in the motorcycle magazines about Ducati`s latest offering; The Ducati Scrambler. Apparently it`s not being marketed as part of the normal Ducati range, but enjoying its own publicity and that its carving out `a way of life` for the hipsters of Europe. Well, … Continue reading “Which Ducati Scrambler – Buying A New Motorbike”

In The Market For A New Bike – Buying A New Motorbike

Lovely shiny (but wet) CCM GP450 Adventure Bike Which New Bike to Buy? I wanted a bike which did `everything` ! A superbike, an off road trails bike, a happy commuter, a motorbike and sidecar (to transport all my wares?) I wanted speed, off road grip, ability for touring with luggage. My first decision was … Continue reading “In The Market For A New Bike – Buying A New Motorbike”

Which 125? – Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Suzuki?

So you’re a learner and don’t really want a scooter.. Well, what about the Yamaha YZF-R125 then? I will take you though the motorcycle to make your mind up which 125 you’d like to ride and buy.. Okay, you want to look cool and fast at your learning age. But we have to be sensible … Continue reading “Which 125? – Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Suzuki?”