Sell My Motorcycle In Liverpool

Would you like a FREE instant valuation on your motorcycle in Liverpool? We Buy Any Bike will buy it! Not only do we offer free valuations across the UK, but we will collect your bike from Liverpool too! Most of our collections take place within 24 hours, Liverpool isn’t too far from our HQ in … Continue reading “Sell My Motorcycle In Liverpool”

The Legendary Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is one of the most legendary motorcycle manufacturing brands in the world. They have definitely withstood the test of time. Selling their first bike in 1903! The company has survived new ownership’s, period of bad economic health and intense competition. Not only survived, they are now the world’s fifth largest bike manufacturer. Harley has … Continue reading “The Legendary Harley Davidson”

Our Top 8 Motorbike Films – Our Favourite Motorbike Films

We had a discussion around the office to see what our favourite bike-related films were, here’s the list we came up with. What do you think? 1. The Worlds Fastest Indian – 2005 A feelgood film for bikers everywhere. Based on the true story of New Zealander Burt Munro who never lets go of his … Continue reading “Our Top 8 Motorbike Films – Our Favourite Motorbike Films”

What Owning a Motorbike Has Taught Me – Motorbike Lessons

I’ve been owning and riding a motorbike for the past twenty-one years. I ride my motorbike everywhere I go. I’ve toured Europe and the U.S. on it. I met my current husband because we parked our motorcycles next to each other outside a coffee shop one evening and got to talking about both of our Ducati models. … Continue reading “What Owning a Motorbike Has Taught Me – Motorbike Lessons”

Francis-Barnett & German Express – Norfolk Motorcycle Museum

We went over from Cardiff to North Walsham. Especially to visit the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum. This turned out to be well worth the trip of nearly 300 miles. The Norfolk Motorcycle Museum is situated next to North Walsham Railway Station and is home for over 100 fascinating historic bikes. We came down the A149 Yarmouth … Continue reading “Francis-Barnett & German Express – Norfolk Motorcycle Museum”