13 Musicians Who Are Mad About Motorcycles

You might have more in common with your favourite musicians than you think. We love writing about celebrity bikers, and we’ve done various posts about them. However, we haven’t really done one about musicians who ride bikes. Well, now we have! Does your favourite singer ride motorbikes? Find out below… TINA TURNER Although it doesn’t … Continue reading “13 Musicians Who Are Mad About Motorcycles”

12 Motorbike Documentary Films You Don’t Want To Miss!

There’s nothing better than a nice relaxing evening watching a documentary. Well, I tell a lie – there is something better, and that’s riding a motorbike. However, when we’re not on the roads or in the office, you can probably find us sat in front of the TV watching a documentary! We Buy Any Bike … Continue reading “12 Motorbike Documentary Films You Don’t Want To Miss!”

Turner Twins Tour Scotland’s NC500 on Harley Davidson Livewire Motorcycles

The Turner Twins have taken on the roads once again for their closer to home North Coast 500 project. This time they have teamed up with Harley-Davidson and Belstaff to piece together a short film; ‘Lost in the Right Direction’. In August 2019, their friends over at Belstaff worked on a guest post on behalf … Continue reading “Turner Twins Tour Scotland’s NC500 on Harley Davidson Livewire Motorcycles”

16 Celebrities Who Ride Motorcycles: Part 2

A few years ago we featured 15 Celebrities who Ride Motorcycles. Following the success of this, and by popular demand, we decided to do some more research! We’ve even added an extra celeb to the mix… enjoy! Gordon Ramsay It doesn’t surprise us that the fiery chef enjoys letting off some steam on his motorbike … Continue reading “16 Celebrities Who Ride Motorcycles: Part 2”

6 Podcasts for Bikers

Podcasts are slowly becoming a mainstream source of entertainment for lots of us. Unfortunately, we can’t physically be with our motorcycles 24/7. But that’s not to say we can’t live and breathe them for the rest of our time! Podcasts are a great way to fill in the void when you’re out and about. Here … Continue reading “6 Podcasts for Bikers”

10 Films Featuring Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati motorcycles are loved by many – there’s no doubt about it. They’re even loved by the stars of Hollywood. Today, the UK’s leading motorcycle valuation specialists, We Buy Any Bike will be featuring some famous bikes from the big films. I’ve also made a little infographic so you can save it for later! The … Continue reading “10 Films Featuring Ducati Motorcycles”

Meet The Harley-Davidson’s of Hollywood

Here at We Buy Any Bike, we’re no stranger to blogging about the Bikes of Hollywood. In recent times, we’ve featured motorcycles in movies, as well as celebrity bikers and what they ride. However, we’ve never really looked into specific makes and their celebrity owners, or in other words – the Harley-Davidsons of Hollywood, so … Continue reading “Meet The Harley-Davidson’s of Hollywood”

Evel Knievel – Historic Jumps Recreated

The internet has been going wild yet again, but this time it is for a different reason! This time, an American stuntman has performed some very similar stunts by the famous and fearless American stunt master, Evel Knievel. Reading about this event got the team here at motorbike trader, We Buy Any Bike very interested … Continue reading “Evel Knievel – Historic Jumps Recreated”

15 World’s Most Famous Motorbikes

It goes without saying that an action movie; is not an action movie without famous motorbikes! Bikes add that extra level of thrill, excitement, and freedom to a movie, giving the rider a complete sense of power, and making it a bit more exciting for the actor too! The team here at bike trader, WeBuyAnyBike … Continue reading “15 World’s Most Famous Motorbikes”

15 Celebrity Bikers: What Do They Ride?

Have you ever wondered which famous people are bikers, and if so, what they ride? Bike Trader, We Buy Any Bike found it pretty interesting to research the different celebs and see what their chosen rides are! Below are 15 Celebrity bikers who love hitting the road on two wheels, there are of course many more. … Continue reading “15 Celebrity Bikers: What Do They Ride?”