Our Favourite Track Day Circuits in the UK

We all know that riding a motorcycle is a very fun experience, but sometimes the open road just doesn’t cut it. A lot of us thrive to ride somewhere with likeminded people; somewhere where you’re less likely to stumble across any obstructions. This ladies and gentlemen is where track day comes in! The team at … Continue reading “Our Favourite Track Day Circuits in the UK”

Common Mistakes Novice Bikers Make

Everyone makes mistakes while riding, whether you’ve been biking for years or you’re a novice. The hope is mistaken get less as experience gets more. Learning to ride a motorcycle takes a while, there’s a lot to process when you first start and it can feel a bit alien. We Buy Any Bike are the … Continue reading “Common Mistakes Novice Bikers Make”

Best Tips When Picking Up A Dropped Bike

Something most riders dread is when their bike is dropped, it’s going to happen at some point but it’s the not knowing when that’s the killer. Especially when you’re a new rider, it can be scary going out on your own. Thinking that if the bike does drops, you aren’t with anyone who could help. … Continue reading “Best Tips When Picking Up A Dropped Bike”

Motorcycle licence: what you need to know

To ride motorcycles and mopeds on public roads in the UK, you must have a provisional licence and a Compulsory Basic Training certificate (CBT). The below table from Gov.uk shows the different licence categories and the requirements, which will then be broken down in more detail: Licence category Vehicles you can ride Requirements for licence … Continue reading “Motorcycle licence: what you need to know”

Bike Control Training Day – How good is your bike control?

It was last weekend when I took a training course to hone my bike control skills for the summer season. I`d signed up last year to the course, recommended by many, and had almost forgotten about it until the day was upon me. So after a brief tyre pressure check, armed with a little in … Continue reading “Bike Control Training Day – How good is your bike control?”