Common Mistakes Novice Bikers Make

Everyone makes mistakes while riding, whether you’ve been biking for years or you’re a novice. The hope is mistakes get less as experience gets more. Learning to ride a motorcycle takes a while, there’s a lot to process when you first start and it can feel a bit alien. We Buy Any Bike are going … Continue reading “Common Mistakes Novice Bikers Make”

Best Tips When Picking Up A Dropped Bike

Something most riders dread is dropping their bike, it’s going to happen at some point but it’s the not knowing when that’s the killer. Especially when you’re a new rider, it can be scary going out on your own and thinking that if the bike does drops, you aren’t with anyone who could help. This … Continue reading “Best Tips When Picking Up A Dropped Bike”

Motorcycle licence: what you need to know

To ride motorcycles and mopeds on public roads in the UK, you must have a provisional licence and a Compulsory Basic Training certificate (CBT). The below table from shows the different licence categories and the requirements, which will then be broken down in more detail: Licence category Vehicles you can ride Requirements for licence … Continue reading “Motorcycle licence: what you need to know”

Bike Control Training Day – How good is your bike control?

It was last week-end, when I took to a training course to hone my bike skills for the summer season. I`d signed up last year to the course, recommended by many, and had almost forgotten about it until the day was upon me. So after a brief tyre pressure check, armed with a little in … Continue reading “Bike Control Training Day – How good is your bike control?”