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Sell My Motorcycle In Southampton

Are you looking for a motorcycle trader in Southampton? We may not be based there, but we will buy and collect your bike for FREE from Southampton within 24 hours!

The port city of Southampton is home to over 250,000 residents (2011 census). Although the town has an extensive boating history, given the location and all, it’s also hope to a huge population of bikers! We Buy Any Bike are here today with a guide on your next trip to Southampton!

Motorcycle Cafe’s & Hangouts

The Bittern Pub

Located in the heart of Southampton is this renowned biker pub. Whether you’re after a pint after finishing your long journey down to Southampton, or you’re after a delicious bite to eat, the Bittern has it all! The staff are a friendly bunch offering exceptional customer service... not to be missed!

The Stile Inn  

Upon approaching The Stile Inn, you will see a sign above the door displaying a motorbike with ‘Harley-Davidson... All Bikers Welcome’ quoted around the bike. Then, when you go on their Facebook Page, you’ll see that the place has a lot of history! When you step inside, you’ll be greeted with a warm and friendly welcome by all the staff here. The Stile Inn also does a lot for charity – this year so far, they’ve hosted 2 sponsored head shaves! For entertainment, they have a jukebox and a pool table. Some other events held here are ladies nights (first Wednesday of every month), Chase Night, and they also show some sporting events too!

Loomies Moto Cafe

This cafe lives and breathes bikes. Not only does it sell some lovely dishes and refreshing drinks; you can buy bike accessories and clothes here too! Situated in Hampshire, Loomies is a good half-hour to 45 minute ride out of Southampton, but its definitely worth a visit! The place is run by bikers for bikers. When you pull up in the car park you’ll find a helmet and boots substituted for plant pots. Then, when you’re inside you’ll notice a blackboard with lots of tasty treats displayed on it; such as, the legal learner breakfast, the track hero breakfast, and the race pro breakfast. They also do other dishes, other than breakfast; head on over to their website to find out more!

Southampton Bike Night

If you happen to be around the Southampton area on a Thursday Evening, why not head on over to the Below Bargate Precinct and join in with like-minded bikers on their weekly bike night!

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Biker-Friendly Accommodation in Southampton

Forest Lodge Hotel

Nestled in the beautiful national park of New Forest, the theme-ly-named Forest Lodge Hotel is perfect for a special occasion! Although it isn’t strictly in Southampton, it’s not too far, and it’s well worth the ride. I don’t know about you, but I just love finding roads that are covered with trees, there’s just something so cosy about it – this sounds like a dream to me! If you choose to stay at Forest Lodge, you can treat yourself to a dip in the indoor pool before a ride – or after; depends how tired you are!

The George & Falcon

Located around 15 miles North-East of Southampton (depending on your starting point) is the George and Falcon.  This family run Restaurant and Inn offers secure parking for motorcycles, the owners will even go to the lengths of blocking in your bike with their own car for extra security! The 4-star Inn itself is filled with character; it is a grade II listed property hailing from the 16th century.

During a summer evening you can enjoy a bite to eat and some nice cold refreshments in the Alfresco Terrace and gardens overlooking the River Meon. In the winter, you can opt for an equally refreshing drink and a bite to eat, but this time you’ll be sat by a large open log fire – well, you don’t have to, but you can do if you like!

Primrose Guest House

Situated in the West End region of Southampton is a quaint little cottage called Primrose Cottage B&B! This is a small family-run property by hosts Jan and Alfonso, who enjoy offering a warm welcome and a ‘home away from home’ experience to every guest who passes through their door! When you approach this lovely cottage you will be greeted by a very colourful garden that you’ll be able to sit out and enjoy in the summer. There are free parking facilities at the rear of the property, with plenty of space for bikes too.


Repairs and Parts

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Did you know...?

If you hail from Southampton, these facts might be pretty useless to you. If you don’t; like us, you might learn something new today, just like we did! Here are some fun facts about Southampton:

  1. Southampton has some of the largest cruise ships in the UK, and it used to be the biggest port in the UK!
  2. The late and great Titanic was departed from the port of Southampton.
  3. In 1955, a popular British delicacy made its way to the UK. Americans call them fish sticks; we call them fish fingers – ours sounds better really, don’t you think? Back in the day, Clarence Birdseye (sound familiar?) collared the shoppers of the streets of Southampton and tested their taste buds with Herring and Cod Sticks – and they loved it!
  4. The average Southampton citizen is called a Sotonian.
  5. Along with the Titanic, the Spitfire departed from here too. It was designed and built in Southampton!

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Sell My Motorcycle in Southampton

Has the time come to sell your bike? Whether you’re switching your wheels up for a younger model, or you just fancy a bit of extra cash... we can help! It does help that our drivers love a trip down to the South Coast, but you can also come to us if you like; you know what they say, one for the road, right?

Anyway, our FREE system is easy, all we ask is for your reg, make, model and a few little added extras about your bike, and our computer will estimate a price! We also collect bikes for FREE too. If you’re not happy with your quote and you’d like to discuss it with a member of our team; we’d be happy to discuss. Please call our friendly team of bikers on 01274 600 224... and remember

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