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We Buy Any Bike have put together a biker’s guide to London..!

London is the Capital and most populated city in the UK. It is bursting with art, commerce, education, fashion, entertainment, tourism and transport. London has an extremely diverse range of people and cultures, in Greater London, there are more than 300 languages spoken. Even though London as known as the rainy city, it actually rains less than Rome! London is a really fun place to be a biker. There is a load of events, exhibitions and biker friendly hangouts!

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MCN London Motorcycle Show

This year’s London Motorcycle Show was held on the 13th-15th February 2016, people travel far and wide to visit this event. 16 of the world’s largest manufacturer’s showcased their latest machines in 2016 including Aprilia, Bimota, BMW, Brough Superior, Ducati, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Peugeot, Piaggio, Suzuki, Triumph, Vespa, Victory and Yamaha

You can get up close and personal with the world’s most exciting new bikes, meet some of your biking heroes and shop for your essential biking gear and accessories.

The 2016 event featured:
  • The classic bike of the year competition and Top Gear’s James May and Richard Hammond displayed their personal collections
  • The world’s finest custom bikes competing for the top prize
  • Exclusive collection of Valentino Rossi bikes
  • Live action featuring John McGuinness, Chris Walker and Jamie Whitham

Bike Shed London

This is the perfect event for people interested in custom built motorcycles. In 2015 the Bike Shed exhibition was held at London Tobacco Dock. There were over 150 custom built motorbikes showing from the new wave scene, there was also art, photography and some great gear.

There was some quality food, bar and barista coffee being served, plus a barbershop and even a tattooist! This is one to get in the diary, as this exhibition is getting bigger and bigger!

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Ace Cafe London

There is a verity of different motorcycle clubs in London, but one of the largest is Ace Cafe London. Made up of people who are passionate about the tradition of motorcycles, cars and rock n’ roll. They have many events going on, ride outs, gigs and also a shop section where you can buy all the branded t-shirts, boots, jeans anything you could want!

The Ace Cafe London holds an annual reunion event, taking place over three days. This event celebrates the history, culture and style of motorbikes everywhere. People come from all over the world to visit this event and join in on the trade stands, live music and special guests. It’s not to be missed!

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Suggested Motorbike Route in and around London

A great route is London – Guildford – Crowborough

This route has incredible sections, some really amazing views and roads in the countryside.

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Sell My bike in London

There are lots of hassles when it comes to selling your motorcycle: finding where to advertise, arranging for people to view the bike, wasting your time when they don’t show up etc. If you are in London and want a quick and easy, hassle free sale of your motorbike you could do a lot worse than using the services of We Buy Any Bike.

Where to value my bike!… We will collect your bike for free from anywhere in London!

Selling a motorbike? All you have to do is input your bike details and we will give you an instant motorcycle valuation: the price we offer to buy your motorcycle and collect it for free from your home or workplace in London.

Watch out for our distinctively liveried vans, and if you have any questions, don’t be shy, just ask one of our drivers for the info, and if you are selling, you might get an offer there and then. We Buy Any Bike offer great prices for used bikes and we are keen to help you out if you are trying to sell your bike in London.

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Get a Motorcycle Valuation from bike trader, WeBuyAnyBike, and before you know it you’ll have the cash in your pocket. Sell motorbike today! 

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