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Sell My Motorbike In Derbyshire

Would you like to sell motorbike in Derbyshire? If so why not try We Buy Any Bike. We are the largest bike buyers and bike trader in the UK so can offer you the best price and quickest pickup.

We usually produce 3-4 quotes per week for people selling motorbikes in Derbyshire. If you would like a motorcycle valuation we can give you one in less than a minute. We have a fleet of vans collecting from all over England, 7 days a week so we can work around your schedule!

If you’d like to know a little more about riding in Derbyshire, the team at motorbike trader, WeBuyAnyBike have put together a bikers guide for you!...

Peak Trail Riders

This association is made up of business owners located in the Peak District, they try to ensure that all members of the public can enjoy the area the same without discrimination – horse riders, ramblers, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Peak Trail Riders show the local authorities that although some see motorcycle trail riding as too aggressive for the lanes, it’s an important part of the district and helps the community. Small businesses everywhere benefit from motorcycle riders - hotels, cafes, shops & more.  The website and group were created to highlight how lane closures and restrictions are bad for local businesses.

Accommodation and Pit Stops

The Maniford Inn

This is an amazing 200-year-old b&b and restaurant, as well as it looks stunning the venue is famous for its extremely welcoming staff. They have great food being serviced daily (all home-cooked!), is situated in the beautiful countryside and the famous Derbyshire hills!

The Fishpond Matlock

Fishpond Matlock is an unconventional pub that is full of character, in the lovely town of Matlock Bath. This is a venue not to be missed, although you should probably book a nearby hotel as this place is known for its massive range of traditional beers, continental larges, wines, spirits and so on.. of course, they have an excellent menu if you’d like to carry on riding after your stop.

Grindleford Station Cafe

A big biker friendly cafe, the Grindleford Station is located near the railway station in this beautiful Peak District village. This is the spot for an amazing fry up and meeting other friendly riders.

The Charles Cotton Hotel

This is a beautiful venue, with 17 bedrooms, 4 of which are superior rooms, they are pet and biker friendly. The Charles Cotton Hotel dates back to the 17th Century, its full of history and character, well worth checking out.

The Millstone Country Inn

Located just on the edge of the little village of Hathersage, this Inn is really welcoming and known as the ‘gateway’ to the beautiful Peak Park. Again this venue is full of character, and the prices are very competitive. They have got music nights and dining offers, so check out what's on before you book!

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Suggested Websites

Moto Go Loco 

If you want more biker friendly accommodation venues than we’ve listed, this site is perfect for you. Moto Go Loco is a website that lists millions of b&b, hotels, guesthouses etc that purely motorcycle-friendly spots. You can search by location – postcode or town, and see what comes up in that area, perfect for planning a trip!

Bike Meets

Wanting to do a little more research on biker meets in Derbyshire? This is a great website to check out locations you’re riding to, they list things to do, places to see, biker cafes and bike meets! You can search by location, or what you are specifically searching for.

IAM Advanced Motorcyclists

There’s never a bad time to look into advanced riding, the IAM help you learn your strong and weak points. You can develop your riding style and standards while keeping it fun. They want to have a positive impact on all road users by improving their skills, not to mention keeping you safer.

Motorcycle Repairs

Do you like knowing where you can get your bike fixed up.. just in case?! Here are a handful of great workshops:

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Motorcycle Clubs

Like riding with others when you go to new places? Maybe you could drop some of these guys an email and see if they would like to meet!

Did you know?!  


That the famous road racer, Leon Haslam is based in Derbyshire? He has been quoted as saying it's one of the most beautiful places in the UK. Haslam is a big name in racing, between 2005 and 2008 he was constantly a front-runner in the BSB, 2009 he returned to Superbike World Championship and 2017 has him set for BSB with a Kawasaki ZX-10R. Haslam is nicknamed the ‘Pocket Rocket’, son of former racer ‘Rocket Ron Haslam’.

Another Derbyshire champion that has to be mentioned is Ian McConnachie, who flew the British flag in the 80cc World Championship in the mid-’80s. McConnachie was also a regular winner in the 125cc, 250cc and Supersport 400cc classes.

John Cooper was also Derbyshire born and bred, he was a prolific short-circuit motorcycle racer in the 60s & early 70s. He had many victories under his belt, including being a two-time winner of the North West 200 race held in North Ireland.

Sell my bike in Derbyshire!

If you are wondering how to sell your motorcycle, We Buy Any Bike would be happy to help.

Where can I sell my motorbike? All you have to do is input your bike details and we will give you an instant online motorcycle valuation. We will collect your motorbike for free from anywhere in the UK. This could be at your home or if it’s easier, your workplace in Derbyshire!

We're a leading bike trader, who will pay cash in hand for your motorbike... Or cheque... whichever is best for you!

We pay the most and collect the quickest, try motorbike trader, WeBuyAnyBike! It takes less than a minute to get your quote. Enter your registration and you could sell your bike today with us.



27 Apr 2017

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