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Vehicle Types for Road Trips – Car vs Motorcycle

Road trips are great. They give you the opportunity to travel to new locations, spend time with loved ones and also cleanse your mind from all the struggles your daily life may give you. Road trips are suitable for everyone, whether they’re young individuals looking to have fun and make memories or elders who won’t let their age stop them from enjoying life. 

When it comes to road trips, most people think they need a large car to hit the road. In reality, you can pick between a car or a motorcycle, and still have an enjoyable experience. Which one is the best for your journey, though? 

In this post, we will discuss cars vs motorcycles for road trips and help you decide which vehicle is the best for your adventure. 

Car Road Trip Benefits

Here are a few reasons why many people decide to use their car on road trips:

  • Lots of Luggage Space

Cars are more spacious – as a result, they allow you to take more luggage. Cars usually have trunks where you can store your luggage and extras. The back seat can also be used for storing belongings if there are no more than two people in the same car.

You’re only going to be away from home for a few days, though, so you do not need to bring half of your house with you. Still, having the extra space is certainly a benefit. 

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  • You’ll Be Protected

With your car, you will have a roof over your head during the road trip, which is great for unpredictable weather conditions. If the weather forecast shows that it will rain, then a car will allow you to stay inside and avoid getting drenched. 

  • You Can Sleep More Comfortably

Even if it’s not the same as your bed, a car will allow you to sleep inside during the road trip. It can let you save money and it may be more convenient than sleeping in a tent.

Motorcycle Road Trip Benefits

Going on a road trip on a motorcycle may seem very unusual – and maybe even uncomfortable for some people. Still, motorcycle road trips have their advantages, and they can offer you memorable experiences. 

  • It’s Much Cheaper

Road trips are quite expensive and fueling a car will require a lot of money. Well, with motorcycles, things are a bit different. Motorcycles are cheaper and quicker to refuel, which means you will be able to save some money. 

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  • It’s Easier to Move Around on a Motorcycle

When the traffic is high, sitting in a car for hours can be unnerving. When you look around and see motorcycles passing while you are stuck, you most likely envy them. Therefore, being on a motorcycle can not only make sure you aren’t stuck for ages, but it also means that you can save time.

  • It’s Easier to Park

Aren’t you tired of searching for parking spots whenever you go on a car road trip? Well, with a motorcycle, this won’t be an issue. The bike is much smaller compared to a car, and you will have an easier time finding a place to park it. There are even special parking spaces for motorcycles. 

  • You’ll Meet More People

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to start conversations with other people, and if you like making new friends, being on two wheels will do the trick. When you’re on the road, there will surely be other motorcycle riders who will look at your bike and compliment it or ask questions. 

This is especially great if you are travelling alone. You can meet other motorcycle enthusiasts and, why not, make a change of plans and join them on their trip. 

  • You Feel Free

Motorcycles are great as they reinforce your feeling of freedom. Being on the road on a motorcycle will allow you to feel the wind against your body and feel free whether you’re driving on a busy road or a deserted road. It is something you can’t experience while you’re driving in a car. 

Preparing for Motorcycle Road Trips

Seeing the numerous benefits of riding a motorcycle on a road trip, perhaps you’ve made your decision already. 

Still, before you start your adventure, you should prepare. It’s essential to pack for all-weather travel. Pick the right motorcycle if you don’t have one yet, bring some tools in case your motorcycle breaks down. Make sure to take some snacks. 

Also, it’s important to have a backup plan. In case something unexpected happens and you need to get somewhere safe or continue your trip with a different vehicle. 


Car road trips are quite popular – still, they do not beat the exciting nature of motorcycle road trips. On a two-wheeler, you will feel free while having the chance to meet more people. You can spend less money, find parking spots in an instant, and move around with ease. All in all, it’s an adventure you will never forget.

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