Guest Post: The Wackiest Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle fairings can be serious, sporty, or downright weird.

Fairings make a bike more aerodynamic by reducing drag. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. And for some bikers, they’re irresistible opportunities for customization.

This week, we had fun scouring the internet for the wackiest custom fairings we could find.

The Wackiest Fairings

Here’s the rundown of our 6 favourite fairing designs:

6. Rossi Yamaha R1

(image courtesy of Donna Long)

A while back, Valentino Rossi helmets were all the rage. This biker loved his helmet so much, he asked the team at Cryptic Graphics to replicate its pattern over his R1 bike fairings.

5.God of War Hayabusa

(Image courtesy of UptownGrafx)

This beast comes from Uptown Grafx LLC, who airbrushed a custom God of War design onto a Suzuki Hayabusa. Mythology-based video games mixed with motorbikes… it’s a small niche.

4. Green Goblin Yamaha

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(image courtesy of Glitter and High Heels)

Halloween only lasts one night and getting Spiderman’s Green Goblin airbrushed onto your motorcycle fairings, well it’s no treat for the eyes, especially with that tanned leather seat.

3. Shockingly Bad Suzuki

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(image courtesy of XtremeKreations)

You know what someone was thinking: “my perfectly good Suzuki is missing a subtle touch of 90s-movie-CGI lightning.” It looks like they convinced this artist it was a good idea too.

2. Suzuki Hayabusa

motorcycle fairings motorcycle parts warehouse webuyanybike we buy any bike

(image courtesy of CenlaCustoms)

You know when you accidentally get a tattoo on a wild night out? This is nothing like that. Someone made a conscious decision over time to make their bike look like an actual tiger. Commitment.

1. Japanese Festival Bike

motorcycle fairings motorcycle parts warehouse webuyanybike we buy any bike

(image courtesy of MyogiNightKids)

Spotted in a newspaper in Japan, this bike has all the bells and whistles, and a seat that looks kind of like a slide. We’re not sure if these count as fairings but they are definitely wacky!

How to Paint Your Motorcycle Fairings

If you want to customize your motorcycle fairings, here’s how:

  1. First, you’ll need to sand down and clean your current fairings or buy some unpainted fairings to fit your motorcycle model.
  2. Next, prime the fairings. Plastic primers usually come in aerosol sprays. Apply the primer in long, even strokes across the surface and leave it to dry.
  3. Your base colour will also come in an aerosol. Apply a thin coat to start, quickly and evenly, then allow it to dry. Do this several times to build up a layer of paint. Lightly sand and wash your fairigs between coats. Paint only when they are dry.
  4. There are a few different ways you can paint designs onto your fairings – by spraying rattle cans or airbrushing freehand, or by stenciling onto the fairings with cutouts. Whatever method you use, the best advice is to always prepare the surface properly before painting (by lightly sanding and washing) and to build up thin layers of paint.
  5. When you’ve got your desired look, use a spray-on lacquer, again in even layers, to set the paint in place. Layer on a few coats before leaving your fairings to dry for 24 hours.
  6. Attach the fairings to your motorbike and show off your new look!

And Remember!

A motorcycle paint job can always be changed…
but your street reputation can’t.
Think before you spray.

By Sam Kendall
PR Executive

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