Diamond Races – All About The Isle of Wight TT

Step aside Isle of Man… the Isle of Wight TT is coming through with their Diamond Races! Okay, we’re sorry, we didn’t mean that! The thought of a new road race does get us a little excited though! I’ve personally never been to the Isle of Wight, but I always get a bit jealous when … Continue reading “Diamond Races – All About The Isle of Wight TT”

The Career of Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge ‘The Spartan’ Lorenzo Guerrero is a name that MotoGP lovers find falling off the tip of their tongue fairly often. The global treasure has shared his passion for bikes, and his career for almost 30 years, up until recently. On Thursday November 14th 2019, Lorenzo hung up his ‘ChupaChup’ endorsed helmet, (the one that … Continue reading “The Career of Jorge Lorenzo”

Our Favourite Track Day Circuits in the UK

We all know that riding a motorcycle is a very fun experience, but sometimes the open road just doesn’t cut it. A lot of us thrive to ride somewhere with likeminded people; somewhere where you’re less likely to stumble across any obstructions. This ladies and gentlemen is where track day comes in! The team at … Continue reading “Our Favourite Track Day Circuits in the UK”

Let’s Talk TT – 2018

This week, the Isle of Man TT celebrates its 111th birthday! Situated in the evident place that is the Isle of Man, the beautifully situated race holds a home to many twists and turns. It is also commonly known to be one of the most dangerous routes in the world. The motorbike event itself dates … Continue reading “Let’s Talk TT – 2018”

Sponsorship: Karl Chamley in the Pre-National Sport 600 Championship

We Buy Any Bike are sponsoring a racer in the Pre-National Sport 600 2017 Championship. We got to know him a little more in our recent interview… Name – Karl Chamley Age – 24 Lives – Bradford Karl started riding motorbikes at the young age of 3 when his father got him a toy Ducati … Continue reading “Sponsorship: Karl Chamley in the Pre-National Sport 600 Championship”

Guest Blog – Hafren Rally Done + Dusted

If you read the We Buy Any Bike blog, you’ll have seen Dave Logan from RideUnlimited was preparing for the Hafren Rally in November 2016.  It has now been and gone, so we caught up with Dave to see how it went… To begin with, it was much, much harder than I had envisaged! The Rally … Continue reading “Guest Blog – Hafren Rally Done + Dusted”

Guest Blog – Dave Logan Racing In Hafren Rally

The Hafren Dirt Bike Club was formed in 1979, initially set up to create a practice facility for people interested in both motocross and enduro in Mid Wales. The club started doing a few smaller events such as MX, Hare & Hounds and Multi Lap Enduro’s. After talking about it for many years the club … Continue reading “Guest Blog – Dave Logan Racing In Hafren Rally”

British Superbike Championship (BSB): Who will take the 2016 victory?

British Superbike Championship brings together the best and most talented racers in the world. It attracts huge crowds, provides breathtaking action and an atmosphere like no other. BSB 2016 is the 29th season. It began at Silverstone on the 8th April and will end on 16th October. Currently sponsored by MCE Insurance. BSB is the biggest … Continue reading “British Superbike Championship (BSB): Who will take the 2016 victory?”

The Greatest Road Race In The World Is Back! It’s TT Time.

There is no race on earth that can compare to the TT. Held on a seemingly never-ending track. It is 37 miles full of twists, bumps, bends walls, manholes and so on… It is one of a kind. The Isle of Man TT is one of the most prestigious motorbike events in the world. Its … Continue reading “The Greatest Road Race In The World Is Back! It’s TT Time.”