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Pros and Cons of Winter Riding

Riding a motorcycle in the winter is annoyingly beautiful. We say this because some of the scenes you get on the road are breathtaking, but it can be so dangerous – especially for new riders!

Taking this in mind, We Buy Any Bike have put together some pros and cons to winter riding, in a bid to help you decide whether you should be braving the roads or not!


Pros of Winter Riding

Shakes Away the Winter Blues

Regardless of whether you own a motorcycle, it is commonly known that winter is the most depressing month. Social lives decline and a lot of people turn into hermits who much prefer the view of their fireplace than the great outdoors.

A few months ago on World Mental Health Day, we published a post discussing the Mental Health Benefits of Motorcycling. Riding a motorcycle has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, and this would eliminate the effects of the winter blues.

Fantastic Scenery

I don’t think there needs to be much more said about this bit!

Become a More Confident Rider

If you’ve just taken your test in the summer, winter riding is a whole new experience. Some would say it’s like you’re riding a completely different bike! The change in weather allows you to get a whole new feel for your bike and allows you to learn the road more.

Quieter Roads

Let’s face it, people don’t like cold weather. We all know how annoyingly busy the roads can get in the summer. Road users just simply cannot be bothered going to see fantastic sights in the winter – leaving the door open for people who can be bothered!

Learn Some Tips of the Trade!

Prep your bike for winter! If you’re a new rider, this might technically be your most inquisitive season yet. Get yourself on YouTube and learn the ins and outs of your bike. There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to check your Tyres, Lights, Oil, Chassis and even your controls for the winter. When in doubt, try contacting your local club for any of their tips.

Cons of Winter Riding

The Wildlife

As cute as wildlife can be, they can kill you. Winter riding is a very dangerous game. After the clocks change, it can get dark, even during the day. Night-time riding in the winter, however, that’s a game-changer. Wild animals such as deer, and even rabbits can be fatal to bikers. Don’t even get me started on birds! They aren’t even just a risk at night-time.

Not to state the obvious, but… Road Conditions

See that leaf? It might be hiding ice. See that patch of mud? It might be hiding ice. Unfortunately, it’s rare to see a dry day when the winter rolls around. However, if you do happen to see a dry warm day in the winter when the scenery is at its finest, we say grab that bull by the horns and go for it! Don’t forget to send us a picture though. You can find us over at @WeBuyAnyBikeCom on your favourite social.

You Need the Right Gear!

Not only do you need extra layers and warmer features for the weather, but you need extra protection too. The harsh expectation of the winter means that if you do have an altercation with the ice, the fall will probably be nastier than otherwise. Check out this post on Winter Warmers!

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You can’t take the back roads!

Well, you can, but we don’t advise it. That is, of course, depending on how much of a confident rider you are! The problem is, back roads can take you on the most spectacular journeys, but they are the most treacherous ones.

Some Extra Tips for Winter Riding

  • If you are looking to invest in a new bike and you are a new rider, keep an eye out for a bike that is inclusive of ABS and Traction Control.
  • Warm up your engine before every ride. Your engine will get accustomed to the cold weather and will need waking up a bit before she sets off!
  • Plan the ride! We recently published a post focusing on some apps that might help you on your journey. Check them out here!

12 Nov 2021

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