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7 UK Towns Most Populated with Harley-Davidsons

Once upon a time Harley-Davidson motorcycles were nearly taking over the world. They started off in America and they slowly grew to spread their wings. Being the UK's leading bike valuation specialist and offering the best price for Harley Davidsons, we often find a lot of Harley owners coming to us for a quote for their bike. With this in mind, we've taken to our own statistics to find out the most popular towns on our database with Harley Davidson owners!



First on the list we have Leicester – a town with a booming population of just short of 445,000 residents. We have found that the most of our Harley-Davidsons come from Leicester; our drivers visit the city at least once a week!

We wrote a biker's guide to Leicester - Check it out here!

In terms of clubs, if you have a vintage Harley, you’ve got to visit the guys at The Taverners – they’re a section off the VMCC. Make sure to stay tuned on their website for all of their events! A place where all your fellow bikers go is the Victoria Bikers Pub in Leicester!




Next on the list we have Southport. This is another one that our drivers regularly visit! We find that Harley owners tend to want to keep their bikes in the summer though, they don’t get in touch very much – it must be a ‘seaside town’ kind of thing. Nevertheless, although the population of Southport is a little bit (a lot) less than Leicester with the 2011 census count sitting at just over 90,000 residents, it’s still got a lot of Harley-Davidsons.

If you pay a visit to Southport, find yourself a parking spot and head on over to Leo's Bar on Neville Street – you’re bound to find some fellow bikers there. As for clubs; in Southport there are plenty...



Of course, the capital had to be on here! There are over 8 million people in London, a large chunk are Harley owners. The capital is filled with clubs and hangouts... here are a few...


We did a Biker's Guide to London - Check it out here!



The mighty and historic capital of Yorkshire holds around 200,000 residents. Our statistics show that there is a large amount of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in York – and so do our drivers! When they’re out travelling around York, 9 times out of 10, they’ll come across one Harley or two. Sometimes they even come across Harley owners on their regular ride outs... a club they probably see is York Motorcycle Club.

We Buy Any Bike is based in Yorkshire – all of us enjoy exploring what our county has to offer, and we love going to biker cafe’s in the area. Such as Squires Cafe based in Sherburn in Elmet, Seaways Cafe, The Fulford Arms, and the Victoria Vaults.

We did a Biker's Guide to York - Check it out here!

Here are some routes in and around York!



The Northern City of Belfast is small city with a mighty population of around 300,000 people. The town is famous in the biking community for being the home of loved racing motorcyclist, Joey Dunlop. You can visit the home and memoriam of the late TT Champion in Belfast – there is even has a bar dedicated to his life! If you’re travelling further west, why not pay a visit to another renowned biker bar - Ponderosa. The biking community in Belfast is well and truly alive – here are some clubs:

We did a Biker's Guide to Belfast - Check it out here!

Here are some routes surrounding Belfast:



Population: 41,600. Ah, the beauty of the Lake District. The fact that there is a huge Harley-Davidson community in this place of natural beauty does not surprise us! If you’re looking to meet fellow bikers – you’re likely to find them at the Orton Scar Cafe, The Filling Station Cafe, The Fat Lamb, Devils Bridge Snacks, and Wilfs Cafe.  

We did a Biker's Guide to the Cumbria - Check it out here!

Biker Routes in the Lakes:



Bristol is a great place to be a biker – and a Harley owner. This beautiful city has a population of over half a million! The biking community in the UK know Bristol for the famous Carole Nash Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show, which has been continuously going every year for almost 40 years (hail 2020)! Bristol Banshees and Bristol Vintage Motorcycle Club are some excellent clubs. If you’re out and about on your bike on a nice summers day around Bristol, don’t forget to head to Harry’s Cafe at Fowlers!

We made a biker's guide to Bristol - check it out here!

Do you want to go for a ride around Bristol? Here are some recommended routes!

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22 Feb 2019

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