Tribute To a Legend – Honda’s Fireblade

Back in 1992, sportsbikes were very different to those we have today. Barring a few Italian exotica from Bimota and Ducati, the raciest bikes were 750cc fours from the Japanese manufacturers, designed to compete in world superbikes. Alongside these, the 1000cc+ class comprised of big and bulky sports tourers with plenty of power but little … Continue reading “Tribute To a Legend – Honda’s Fireblade”

My Favourite Motorbike – What is your preferred bike?

I love motorbikes! More to the point, I love motorcycles and have been fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to try out all the latest models when they come out. As my wife will grudgingly attest to, I also have been known to buy a motorbike and sell them on occasion too. … Continue reading “My Favourite Motorbike – What is your preferred bike?”

Electric Motorbikes and Racing – Are Electric Motorbikes The Future of Racing

Electric Motorbikes – When it comes to noise, you just have to look at the Mallory Park saga. Although the whole thing was blown way out of proportion and fans were worried it was the end of the circuit. Noise is a very big factor in our sport. Motorsport. You could argue all day about … Continue reading “Electric Motorbikes and Racing – Are Electric Motorbikes The Future of Racing”

Motorbike Racing vs. Car Racing – Superbike or Formula One?

No way is car racing (and in particular Formula One) better than bike racing! With Formula One allowing team-orders and with the majority of other car racing championships having pit lane radios to talk to the driver during the race. Surely this distracts the driver and takes away the enjoyment and hard fought racing from … Continue reading “Motorbike Racing vs. Car Racing – Superbike or Formula One?”

Hairy Hands Mystery – Matchless and Martinsyde Bikes

Martinsyde 1921 680 CC V-twin bikes with sidecar. Was Dr Helby riding one of these bikes when the fatal crash occurred? Dr E.J.Helby was the Medical Officer at Dartmoor Prison in June 1921. He was an experienced motorcyclist and was riding his combination in the Postbridge and Two Bridges area along the B3212, with two … Continue reading “Hairy Hands Mystery – Matchless and Martinsyde Bikes”

London Line-Up – BMW, Suzuki, Honda

London Line-up I’m one of a team of presenters for the BBC Radio 4 Extra show called “The Seventh Dimension” which means working in their Portland Place studio in London when it’s my turn on the rota. Last time I was there I spotted a row of really interesting parked bikes, and I just had … Continue reading “London Line-Up – BMW, Suzuki, Honda”

BSA and Brough – BSA Bikes and Motorbikes

Looking through a box of family souvenirs and very old sepia photographs, my wife, Patricia, came across a really ancient picture in a wooden frame that we hadn’t studied in any depth before. It was one that my late mother had cherished and saved over the years, and which had finally come down to us. … Continue reading “BSA and Brough – BSA Bikes and Motorbikes”

The Raglan Castle Mysteries

Lionel on his bike at Raglan Castle The Discovery Channel commissioned BBC TV Wales make a series for them called “Castles of Horror” on one channel and “Bloody Towers” on another — with me as their biker-presenter. On repeated long, hard rides of that kind, it’s good to know that the resources of Webuyanybike are … Continue reading “The Raglan Castle Mysteries”

Nun on a Harley – Bikers: game for anything and afraid of nothing

Nun on a Harley – When I was presenting the Channel 4 TV series called “Fortean TV” back in the late nineties, I never knew what wildly unusual ideas the Director would come up with next. We went to haunted houses; we filmed haunted castles; making programmes about hypnotic dogs; we recorded conversations between cats … Continue reading “Nun on a Harley – Bikers: game for anything and afraid of nothing”

Riding a Motorbike is a Way of Life – My First Bike

As far as I’m concerned riding a motorbike is more than just a great means of transport: and it’s more than the most exhilarating form of travel. It’s a 100% way of life. You and the motorbike together become a sort of totality. I bought my very first bike, a BSA 500cc, way back in … Continue reading “Riding a Motorbike is a Way of Life – My First Bike”